Stoops | Front Porches

Stoops and front porches consist of both a set of steps and a landing or porch area. Since they are attached to your home, they need to be anchored to the existing home foundation and supported on a poured concrete footing below the frost line. How much of a footing is necessary depends on the quantity and weight of the structure. Steps consist of the treads (what you step on to transition from one grade to another), the risers (the vertical area of stone/brick under the treads), and the two sides of the steps. Bluestone, granite, and limestone are the typical treads used for these designs, with bluestone being the most common because of its cost and durability. Fieldstone and bluestone are the most common choices of stone for the risers and sides. They can either be installed as a stacked stone, mosaic, or a custom blend of the two.