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Contact Earth and Stone Masonry today to schedule your next project. Bill Davis is a true craftsman who is dedicated to preserving the time-honored craft of working with stone. Please fill in all fields.


647 County Rte 50
New Hampton, NY 10958

Estimates which don’t require a site visit are free.  Please text photos and info to 845-649-6340, or email me at the form above.

Estimates requiring a site visit will be charged a $150 consultation fee.  This may be more if the project is extensive.  This will come off the project total if you accept the proposal.

I am also for hire to analyze stone foundations of homes and barns, as well as brick and stone complexes. Inspection fee will be determined based upon the time it takes for me to inspect and supply you with my written analysis.

“Time is a valuable asset. Thank you for your interest in my company”

Bill Davis
“The Stone Artist”



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